Thursday, July 22, 2010

How goes it

Hey all! I guess it's been a while since I wrote something, or's all relative. So, tomorrow we leave for Immenstadt. It will be quite a change, but I'm looking forward to it. As I write this, Thomas is taking the final test of his university career, which is reason to celebrate this evening. The final step for him to get his degree is writing a thesis while doing an internship. He has this all set up in Immenstadt, which is why we are moving there.

As for me, July has been a great month thus far. I had the final two weeks of my German course and then I visited a friend in Coburg, where we went to a Samba festival. Of course, how could I forget that I watched a lot of football (read soccer) games those first two weeks of July. I'm glad to say that I really enjoyed the World Cup and learned a lot about football along the way. I also realized how serious it's taken here.

After the weekend in Coburg, it was off to work. The first day was rough, but it was all smooth sailing after that. The people I worked with were great and I found it more enjoyable and easy going than the other weeks. I think I was finally able to employ that whole "mind over matter" thing, and all the sunshine definitely helped me put on my rose colored glasses. It also helped that I knew I wouldn't have to work again until late August.

That brings us to this week, in which I have thoroughly enjoyed my free time by reading, going to the river, a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I'm beginning to play with new and old ideas about what I want to do post-October. I say post-October only because of the visa situation and because the chiropractic school back in KS needs to know by November 1st if I will be attending in January. Lots of big decisions to make, which makes me crazy at times. I have plenty of ideas, good options, and big dreams; in the end, it just seems unbearable to commit to one thing. (I think Hank relates to what I'm saying.)

I like the way things are going here in Germany, but I realize that could change like the weather, literally. I feel like I'm making some good progress as far as language learning goes and a big part of me wants to stay longer, learn more and really enjoy the benefits of speaking the language of the society I'm living in. I'll admit that I like that feeling of accomplishment (and that I recently realized how much I want to be able to speak three languages). Besides that, for those of you to whom I mentioned coming home early, you can forget that. I've come far in terms of adjusting to my life and job here and I want to see it through just as I said I would.

So, what will it be? Back to school in KS, more time in Germany, grad school in Spain, an internship in South America...time, I need some time to think about it. That and hopefully my upcoming trip to Vienna, Slovenia and Turkey with provide me with some new insights.