Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Teachers teaching teachers

As we wrap everything up this week, it's all about us as students teaching the asana classes.  It's been such a great experience to see how we have all developed in our practice throughout the course.  I taught last night and it came really naturally to me and just confirmed how much I'm looking forward to sharing my knowledge of asana and yoga in general. 

As we teach this week, I'm realizing how much we have learned from each other over the six weeks.  It's not just about getting up and going through an hour asana class to show what you know.  Of course, this is an important part of yoga, but what's more important is how you live yoga off the mat in your day to day life.  From this point of view, we can see every person we encounter as an opportunity to learn something about the nature of our own self, and therefore human nature, which is so intimately tied to the aim of yoga. 

With this in mind, I've come to see so many of the wonderful people in my life as "yoga" teachers preparing me for my experience here.  They may not be practicing asana or using any yoga terms, but they are practicing bhakti yoga in their devotion to whatever it might be, or they are able to attain a level of one-pointedness when it comes to the present moment.  Or maybe they are living a simple life with a sense of detachment and an understanding that we cannot get infinite happiness from finite matter.  Whatever lessons I have learned from those around me in the past, have come back to my conscious mind during my time here and I'm truly grateful for that.

Essentially the whole time here at Rishikesh Yog Peeth we have just been teachers teaching teachers, who are also teaching themselves along the way.  It's not complicated, although it may seem to be at first.  When we have the final ceremony in a few days, for me it will be more about making a commitment to my own personal practice and a commitment to stay with the teacher within.  If I'm able to help some others on their personal path in yoga, then I will take on that task with the same level of attention and intention that I give my own practice.

I will thoroughly enjoy my last few days in Rishikesh.  I'm realizing more and more how much information I've been given over the past six weeks and how much time is needed for contemplation.  My experience speaks to me, but I feel that I cannot speak for my experience, at least not yet.  Maybe more words will come to describe the time I've spent here, but maybe not.  Sometimes experiencing something is the only way to convey a sense of understanding, and for that reason I'm so thankful for my experience here.  

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