Thursday, August 28, 2008

Another day at the office...

As I finish my sixth week working at GSK, I'm becoming more and more comfortable with my "teacher" role. In the beginning, it surprised me how easily I was able to adapt to creating lessons, organizing class schedules, and relating to students. I can't exactly say that I felt prepared to teach coming from OTP (read: Old Town Pizza), and I don't think ochem helped either, but I'm gaining more and more confidence with each class. In most cases my students are self-motivated, which makes my job a lot easier and more entertaining. Overall, I'm enjoying my work here.

This past weekend I went to Palmares to visit a few other interns who are working on a nature reserve called Madre Verde. Palmares is a small town about an hour and a half outside of San Jose. There were twelve of us staying in a two bedroom cabin, so it was a bonding experience for all those included. We arrived Saturday afternoon and bought the necessary items to make dinner, which included pasta and guacamole (prepared by two Mexican guys working at the reserve). Palmares isn't really the place for nightlife, so we had our own cocktail party for entertainment. Of course, I was the one sipping the tequila concoctions (tequila, lime juice, fresca, and a dash of salt) with my two new Mexican friends.
Sunday morning we got up at a decent hour and wandered around the reserve and enjoyed the great weather. I guess you could say that overall it wasn't a very eventful weekend, but I enjoyed the "small town" feel of Palmares and spending time with the other interns.

This weekend coming up I am dog sitting for an American couple who moved to Costa Rica last April. I met them through another intern from Germany. I went to their house last night and was able to meet Lucy (the dog) as well as a group of peace corps volunteers. Tyler and Anna (dog owners) met in the peace corps and try to stay involved in the program. It was great to hear everyone's story and just chat with other Americans about life in Costa Rica.

That's all I have for now!
un beso para todos

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