Thursday, August 25, 2011


This blog has been on a bit of a hiatus, but that will soon change my friends or at least that is the plan. These past few Summer months could be described with a wide variety of adjectives or nothing at all, take your pick. Have I managed to confuse you already? Good, because that is about where I was in May: dazed and confused. This seems to be a state I visit often, but we've all been there. Then there was June: the paper trail month. Between applying to a different school, applying for a visa to India and filing a visa petition for Thomas, I spent more time than I would like to recall filling out forms. That's not to mention the time that Thomas and I spent decoding forms like the G-325 and I-129F. July went by quite fast, probably because Thomas was here for the majority of it. Mix all of that up with yoga, working, some quality time with good friends, and planning a KC wedding reception and it sums up May to now.

The past few months haven't been all that exciting, but completely necessary for what I have going on the rest of the year. I've been preparing for my own little life harvest, so to say. I guess you already know by now, but since I usually keep things to myself until the last possible moment (there is a reason why I do this by the way), I will let you in on it now. A week from today, I will be Transatlantic, making my way to Germany where I will take it easy for about a month before heading further East, to India. I'll be in India a little more than six weeks for a Yoga Teacher Training course in Rishikesh (it's in the North towards China and Nepal). Then it's back to Kansas to pack up the necessities and move to Whittier, California (near LA) to study Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine and all things energetic. Gasp "it's so expensive there!" There I said it for you, thanks for your genuine concern. Seriously, I try to be all zen when someone says this to me, but I'm usually ranting on the inside. People who know me and care about my life don't have this reaction, fyi.

Oh, and among other changes, don't forget that I'll be getting married whenever immigration services say Thomas is legit to live here. That will most likely happen sometime early next year. 

So, you could say I have some exciting things coming my way, but for now it all still seems far far away. I'm just taking it as it comes...

"The universe is change, life is understanding." ~Marcus Aurelius


Anonymous said...

wouldn't marrying Thomas MAKE it legit for him to live in the USA? Or are you doing it how we are, and trying to do it without the marriage-as-visa? If so, I understand. Marriage is the last resort for us. We want to keep it 'romantic' haha:)

Anonymous said...

sorry, that comment was from me.