Saturday, March 17, 2012

Uncertainty is certain

In general, people want to be in the know. As in, we want to know what's coming next, so we can have some sort of "plan" or at least a glimmer of expectation. Why, if uncertainty is certain for all, do we suffer from some sort of perpetual attachment to the idea of a "certain" future? 

Certainly uncertain about something

This is, of course, something that I have struggled with personally and it most often comes to the surface at the suggestion of someone else. In other words, I do a pretty good job of "suppressing" (for lack of a better word) my attachment issues until someone else inquires nicely about my future in hopes of "being in the know." 

Example: most recently, I have been asked by numerous people; friends, family and acquaintances alike, where Thomas and I will be living in the future. It is a legitimate question and seeing how intriguing Thomas and I are, I understand why people are so curious. Haha, come on, I'm not that pretentious people. But really, what future are we talking about here? Next month? We will still be living right here in Southern California. Next year? Most likely the same. Five years? No. Idea. Why would we limit ourselves by saying otherwise? But let's not get carried away...

I am a work in progress and with that said, it does take me a good dose of self-reflection to eliminate the chances of some smart ass remark coming out of my mouth when asked such questions. Yoga helps with that, allowing me to find that place where I can separate myself from emotional reactions. So, for every time I'm approached with these questions, I get to practice again and again. Then I realize, again and again how much I have to learn when it comes to attachment and the concept of "never give up, always let go."

In essence, these occasions of kindhearted people showing interest in my life are just there to teach me something about what's going on inside myself. Often it works that way, if your eyes are open to it; and I'm not talking about the eyes in your head.

The joy and adventure of life are found abundantly in the vast land of uncertainty. That's what I believe, right? If so, would I be bothered by someone asking about my not-so-certain future? Somewhere, I am still overcoming my attachment to "being in the know," to planning the next adventure, the next educational pursuit, on and on it goes.

I don't think I'm alone in this really why are we attached to the idea of a certain future? Tell me what you think. Leave a comment, email me...tweet, facebook, you know what to do. I'm hoping to turn this into something. I just don't know what that something is yet.

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