Saturday, March 17, 2012

Wedding Details

Thomas and I are getting married in just under 4 weeks! So, I just wanted to let everyone know what we decided on. We'll be getting married on April 13th, and yes we do realize that it's Friday the 13th. Since we met on a "Friday the 13th," it seemed like a nice date. Also, we thought the date would help us to not forget our anniversary in the future.

We'll be getting married in San Diego at Sunset Cliffs around sunset, 6:30pm to be exact. Neither of us have been here, but it looks something like this....

thanks google images
I originally tried to find something closer to Los Angeles, but quickly realized that the elopement business is more happening in San Diego. I think it has something to do with the nearby military bases. Setting it all up was really easy and the officiant seems laid back and gets great reviews.

It will be just the two of us, plus the photographer and officiant. The photographer is also doing a video for us, which is great for those of you who are dying to see us get married. We have him for four hours, so that will take most of our afternoon. We're meeting him at Balboa Park, which probably means nothing to you, but I'm really excited about it due to the fact that there are gardens designed like the Alcazar Castle gardens in Sevilla, Spain. I used to visit the castle on a regular basis while living in Sevilla to study.

google images again...

We'll stay near Sunset Cliffs until Sunday before making our way back to La Habra, and then slowly back to Kansas City the next week. The reception is on Friday the 27th at Cellar 222 in the Crossroads Art District of Kansas City, MO and we are so excited to celebrate with everyone! And yes, I will be wearing my dress to the reception...dinner, drinks, dancing!

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